About Brian G. Kibet

My name is Brian Giken  a student athlete.I was born outside the united states in a country called kenya famous for long distance athletes.My upbringing has often been driven with outdoor sports especially track/crosscountry.The theme that I often use is ,life is like a track and field relay race whoever is handing the button to the next ought to do best for the next one to do good. For every generation to do good the previous one has to give their best.


Currently am pursuing a degree in psychology with a double minor in biology and IT  with  expected date of graduation being  in may 2013.Prior to enrolling to ualr ,I was a transfer from Uapb where back then I was enrolled into the nursing field. Upon graduating I do plan to  pursue a degree in Information technology or a master program in any psychology field either Industrial or clinical.


My objective is to apply my knowledge and skills to the world by channelling my creativity and innovation into sustainable ideas. Currently am working at a  part time job  as well as trying to enlist to joining the  armed forces.My skills as pschiatrist or aclinical pschologist would help me  counter any challeges that are often associated with the armed forces personnel.


Online portfolio is often a plus than just having a hard copy resume.Hiring personell often want to see the work that you have done personaly hence a built portfolio would serve as an action.My online porfolio highlights my career , goals and  the different courses that I have covered in the It Minor program  from Html ,Excel and Access skills  I have acquired so far. During the course we had to meet non profit clients and help them build their websites by use of word press .

IT lime Program

It lime program was a three semester course that covered web developments and building,use of key features of microsoft program specifically Excel and Access, importance of soft skills in our daily lives and  use of word press in web building.

The use of Html and CSS coding   to build and control the different aspects like fonts ,color and positioning has enabled me to use this skills to build my own web development skills  with ease.File management is a key feature that one ought to know to handle the numerous daily  tasks .Topics on use of Excel and Access offered a few tricks on how to link and embed data as well as using some of the in built macros to sort and customize the data.

Soft skills from listening,communication and time management are the corner stone of good  work place .A manager with poor soft skills would find it hard to coordinate   all the work tasks without rubbing shoulders with his employees.This topic enabled know our personalities through MBTI .Below is a link to one of the soft skills


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